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Why do clients choose us?

More patients in your dental practice
At the beginning and at the end, our clients expect precisely these results. Meeting -> Brainstorming -> Strategy -> Execution -> … more patients at your doorstep.

Online visibility for your clinic and personal brand

At Dental Artistry by Rebel, we have mastered PERFORMANCE MARKETING, Google and Social Media. We execute smart, strategic and creative marketing efforts that get results.

Beautiful branding that is eye-catching

We all love beautiful design. We create amazing graphic designs, and love taking dental photos and videos. Check out our projects!
Consultations and seminars to increase the effectiveness of dental activity
Creating a patient journey map and communication is a must. Whether it’s marketing or direct patient contact, the key is effective communication skills. Let us advise you on proven practices that will convince the patient to choose your clinic for treatment

This is where we excel


Personal Branding

for dentists and dental technicians


Digital Marketing

for practices, offices, and dental clinics

effective and targeted

B2b marketing

for dental companies and organizations

Years of experience
Supported clinics
Brand projects delivered
Published videos



Operating in a B2B environment, we know the secrets of the decision-making process. With the right knowledge and tools, we are able to create scenarios that will generate the expected results.

Creative projects

Regardless of the form, we create graphic designs, videos and stunning 2D animations. We create creative content that reflects the spirit of the project. Always catch the attention of the target audience.

Project management

When we take on a project, we manage it from start to finish. We coordinate the actions of all parties, plan and ensure that the implementation runs according to schedule.

Performance marketing

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Instagram… this is our natural environment. Our distinctive skill is the knowledge of how to move optimally in it.


Analytics based on reliable metrics plays a key role in modern marketing, especially when it is related to business and sales goals. Reliable results summaries are what we base our actions on.


Support, commitment, and communication with our clients are key factors in our success. We are always available, and we bring our commitment to the project at every stage of our work. Communication based on culture is our hallmark.



Anna & Zdzisław Filkiewicz
Anna & Zdzisław FilkiewiczAlfa Dental, Olsztyn, Poland
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We have been working with Andrzej Bugajski and Rebel Artistry for almost 6 years now - starting out, we only planned to create a website. Today, we can confidently say that we are friends who work together. Charismatic, extremely reliable, with a head full of fantastic ideas and unconventional solutions. Andrzej is a unique personality.
Ewa Chomik
Ewa Chomik Noir Dental Clinic, Gdańsk, Poland
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Andrzej is a very unique and wonderful person with a big heart and amazing imagination. Everything that comes out of Rebel Artistry is priceless and incredible.
Grzegorz Wasiluk
Grzegorz Wasiluk PASE
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The first thing when I think of marketing is Andrzej and his team. Nice design, nice videos, nice posts - that's what Rebel Artistry is to me. It's a team of people who are focused on what they do. The idea of working on different levels with Andrew and his team is very clear. I have always been very impressed with what Rebel Artistry prepares.
Krzysztof Chmielewski
Krzysztof Chmielewski SmileClinic Chmielewski&Karczewska Advanced Implant Center, Gdańsk Polska
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The decision to cooperate with Andrzej was made based on observation of what is happening in the market. I have known Andrzej for several years and I know what he is capable of. I know his artistic perspective and marketing knowledge. The knowledge he has gained in recent years regarding the specifics of the dental market certainly helps in making decisions.
Irmina Materna
Irmina MaternaDeClinic, Warszawa, Polska
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Andrzej is one of the few people who, despite not being a dentist, can present dentistry in a cool and clear way. And that is what patients value very much. He knows where to ask additional questions, knows how to handle it, and at the same time knows how to make dentists feel comfortable.
Paweł Niewada
Paweł NiewadaNiewada Clinic, Warszawa, Polska
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Andrzej is a good friend. He and the Rebel Artistry team are always worth working with. They are professionals, they know what to do. They have been active in dentistry for a long time. They don't need to be explained simple things about dentistry. They really feel it.


We are quite busy running social media for our clients, but…. take a look at our instagram – Instagram Dental Artistry by Rebel.

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